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We Love Our Mastiffs!

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Mastiff in the news! Oct. 9th, 2008 @ 02:36 pm
My husband just sent me this link about a mastiff who helps students who are learning to read. It's an "aww" maker.


Yay! Puppies! (X-Posted!) Oct. 6th, 2008 @ 10:31 am
On Saturday morning, my brother and I took Grendel to the dog park. I took the camera because the dogs there are so awesome.

This weekend, we're probably going to take him to see the Gulf of Mexico. :)

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Guess I should introduce Sep. 26th, 2008 @ 01:22 pm
Hello all I have been lurking for a while here I have a two and a half year old Caine Corso named Mia.

We picked her out when she was eight weeks old.

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X-Posted! Sep. 25th, 2008 @ 12:05 pm
Yesterday was Grendel's 7 month birthday. He's a cutie patootie.

I think this weekend when I go to the dog park with him, we'll get some action shots.

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He's gotten to be EXTREMELY co-dependent lately. He'll sleep in his crate, but at 5:00 AM, he wants out. This is fine on days that I have to work because I wake up at 5:00, but on weekends... it's a little ridiculous.

He follows me into the bathroom; sits on my lap if he can, makes a spot if he can't; head butts our bedroom door if it's closed and he's locked out; etc etc etc. Any tips on breaking him of that?

new member Sep. 9th, 2008 @ 12:10 pm
I work with a pack of English Mastiffs and French Bulldogs. I started a year ago, walking the puppy, Whiskey, when she was 6 months old. She & I have become BBFs, she saved me from a terrible depression and I am so thankful to her Owners for sharing her with me.

Gelwil's Slee-P-Holo Irish Mist "Whiskey"

Now she is almost 18 months old and weighs 160 (I weigh 110), I've just completed her first series of obediance classes, she passed the CGC test and is on her way to acing the TDI (Therapy Dogs International) test and has has threee wins in a row at the local AKC shows and now has 8 outof 15 points toward her championship! I am now introduced as "Whiskey's Trainer" and I am just so proud of my Little Grrl!

She has her own web page & blog, at my petsitting website

And yes, I specialise in wrangling packs of Mastiffs, if anyone has need of a sitter/wrangler!
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Other entries
» He doesn't even know his bits are missing!
Friday morning, I dropped Grendel off at the vet to be neutered as well as get micro chipped and have his umbilical hernia fixed.

Since then, he's been behaving better. I'm hoping that after the pain meds run out that he will continue to behave so well. :)

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» Excessive shedding.
Hello, up until now, my 1 year old, Zoba, hasnt shed too much, I was told he should shed next to none, well lately hes been loosing ALOT!, like you can pull his hair out of him(especially his cheeks), is there anything I can give him to help control the hair, its insane really. And yes i know dogs shed, but Im thinking there might be something wrong/dry skin? Im looking to avoid a vet visit until his muzzle comes in.
 He doesnt like strangers at all, especially people in uniform. 
Thanks alot!!

» Update!
A few days after I made this post, I took Grendel back to the vet for his second set of shots. This would have been his third visit with this vet.

When I arrived, they checked me in and pulled his file. I was told, "We're going to have to refuse treatment on Grendel because Dr. Assface* believes him to be an aggressive breed." Wait, what? Due to his breed being an aggressive breed, you refuse to treat a dog who has only GROWLED? Yep. That's the case. So, I returned home and told my husband about the situation and he promptly stormed back up there to either demand treatment or a refund on our prepaid plan for tests and vaccinations. We walked away with a complete refund and the shots he'd already received were free.

After a week of searching, I found a vet that was a) accepting new patients and b) isn't afraid of my dog. Today was his first appointment and I think this vet is a good man. He wasn't afraid of Grendel. I actually had a muzzle on him at first because he was growling quite a bit and I'd rather not take a risk. I explained my last vet's problem and I was asked about different environmental things at home such as where the dog sleeps, eats, etc... The new vet asked me to leave the room while he examined Grendel. As soon as I left the room, Grendel stopped growling. Period. When I entered again, the growling started.

This vet seems to believe that Grendel's "aggression" is actually nervousness and fear based and completely controllable and can be eliminated; I agree with him. He advised me NOT to use a muzzle anymore, which is fine with me. He also suggested that I give Grendel alone time to learn to be less co-dependent.

So, yay, I found a vet that not only likes my dog but understands that just because he's a certain breed doesn't mean he's going to fall into the same problems that some others do.

Also, in my last post, there was some talk about neutering early. My vet said that the only adverse effect would be that his skull wouldn't be as wide and he'd be slightly smaller. He encouraged me to get him neutered as soon as I'd like because he's so close to 6 months old already.

Lastly, Grendel learned that the door does not have to be open to jump into my Miata. Heh.

So that's that! Thanks for everyone's help! I hope to have another positive update soon.

* indicates that name has been changed to protect the stupid.
» New to community.
Id like to introduce my one year old BullmastiffAmerican Bulldog mix {Zoba}..
We live in Northern Manitoba, and making our move back to Ontario for good.
Hoping Zoba will like to have a bigger yard.
And possibly a brother!

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