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Pimply chin help, please? - We Love Our Mastiffs!

About Pimply chin help, please?

Previous Entry Pimply chin help, please? Feb. 1st, 2013 @ 02:29 pm
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Date:February 2nd, 2013 01:43 pm (UTC)
We have a Dogue De Bordeaux with a similar history--he (with help of cats) got rancid turkey a year ago and ended up with a blood infection localized to his elbow joint. (4 days in ICU....eek!)
And we've noticed that he just seems prone to infection/inflamation--he is frequently broken out too...or very red in the nose/mouth/eyes. We hadn't made the wet connection--but he spends a lot of time in a water trough.
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Date:May 28th, 2013 11:11 pm (UTC)
2littlewings, I'm so sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I have some health issues, and they've been kicking my butt since before the year started.

I'm so glad that your boy got better from his ICU experience! We love our fur friends.

We'd been doing pretty well there, and then I noticed Bellatrix was limping, and $3000 or so later, here's our situation:

Has every form of staph we know affects dogs.


Is allergic to at least 16 things that exist specific to this ecosystem, and we can't consider moving because my husband works for the City, and my in-laws, while spry and smart, are in their early 80s, and we're sure eventually they'll need help, and we need to be there for them..

So here's how it went in the short form (yes, this is the short form, sorry).

At first it looked very similar to the first go-round, but she soon developed huge pustules not just on her face and under her jaw, but between her toes. The poor girl could barely stand it when she had to go out, and lost weight for a bit because I didn't understand it hurt too much for her to go to her bowls, which are about six steps for her. I then started bringing her food and water to her, and while she's still losing (and she does need to lose; I wish she didn't have to be sick for it to happen), it's much more slowly.

We (well, mainly my husband because I kept breaking into tears) had to squeeze the pustules, particularly the toe ones, and clean them up, as well as administering other drugs for this and other problems she was having. Again,several of the ones on her face were very deep and very severe.

She's definitely healing, and while the vet of course deserves the lion's share of the praise for that, I think we do too. I am still concerned about her muzzle being too wet, and so I've developed some silly bib and such solutions that help us. One that helped her so much is a good solid bath with a shampoo designed to get down to the dander and get it all out. A simple thing, but there it is. We used a Nature's Miracle product. She sheds so much less (we get a chihuahua out of her every single brushing in our summer, but not this year! She obviously felt better immediately

It might be that your boy is suffering from allergens as well. I don't remember exactly how much the test cost, and it'll vary by area, but maybe your vet can talk with you about the possibility of allergens affecting your dear Bordeaux.

A friend gave us a product to try and help, and we think it did. It's made for people, but it's fine on dogs. It's called Qore24, and it's an antimicrobial spray that dries quickly (a few seconds); if you rub your hands together, it feels like silk. The stuff protects what its sprayed upon for 24 hours. We sprayed it between her toes -- a hard area to get too, especially with the pustules and inflammation -- and man, the wounds started healing at an amazing rate. And we're not buying any other hand/wound sanitizer, because we love it on ourselves, and we've seen it work on her. Maybe it can help your boy?

If you can afford it, I'd look at both an allergen test, and a culture for his breakouts. I knew medical for giants was horrifically expensive (mainly anesthesia costs) I think we've spent over $4k on medical for her, and it would have been so much cheaper if we'd gotten these tests from the beginning. We're not poor, but we're on a financial edge, and if I could have gotten her allergy shots and other treatment from the beginning, I think we'd have saved 50% of that.

I hope your boy feels better by now; please let me know how he's doing.
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