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Pimply chin help, please? Feb. 1st, 2013 @ 02:29 pm
Hi, guys. I've never posted in the community before, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules.

I haven't transferred my pics to the computer yet, so I can't give you guys a photo, alas.

Our girl "Bellatrix" came from Smokin' Lads Kennel in Phoenix.  (She's Smokin' Lads Warrior Queen as registered.)  She's, quite frankly, a magnificent dog.  She's got one of the most beautiful heads I've ever seen on an OEM, and God himself could not ask for a dog with a better temperament than she does.  She's just one of those dogs who are just naturally *good*.  We don't have children, and while we do realize she's a dog, she is as dear to us as we can imagine a child could be.

After about 9 months, she had an issue with urinary tract infections, we got her the plastic surgery she needed so her vulva wasn't constantly being infected. She's very big for a bitch -- 33" at the shoulder and 220 lbs -- though she needs to lose 10, and I understand that the vulva was so large that it folded a bit and trapped the bacteria there. Recently, she somehow cut herself and got 3 different infections, including MRSA, on the inside of her right foreleg.  Two wounds, both open to the muscle.  Horrible.  Fortunately, between our wonderful vet (for anyone in Tucson,I highly recommend Ina Road Animal Hospital.  They open at 7 am, close at 1 am, 365 days a year. Virtually all the techs there own Giants, mainly types of mastiffs, and several of the vets do as well --they really understand Giants) and good nursing on our part, she's completely healed.

During these events, naturally she's been on antibiotics.  Her lower jaw to the hairy part of her throat is simply covered with big pink pimples (that occasionally bleed), but when she's on the antibiotics, her skin is perfect.  We very briefly discussed it with the vet who did the plastic surgery (Veterinary Specialist Hospital in Tucson -- they've got specialists for anything your mastiff would need) on her.  She thought most of the skin problems were because she's almost always wet.

For a few weeks now, when she comes away from the water bucket, we rub her chin and chest dry, but I can't spend my whole day drying her jaw off from her drool --- and she's a very drooly girl.

I know we could put her back on antibiotics and get rid of the pimples, but neither my husband nor I want to have her on antibiotics for the rest of her life --she just turned 3. 

I'm desperate enough to try and design some sort of high bib I could tie it around her neck and so not have to jump up every time she drinks.  But that wouldn't take care of the muzzle bottom constantly being wet because of her saliva.

Does anyone have any suggestions, particularly for the under muzzle problem? She's such a beautiful dog, and while most people don't see them, I do, and it makes me feel as if I'm not taking care of my dog, and that's kind of a big thing to me.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

my baby Jul. 1st, 2009 @ 11:49 am
Since I've popped in here to ask questions before I got the pup I thought I would share my first pics of the not-little-for-very-long guy.

Meet Brownie, the Giganto-pup: (born Mar 16)

He is very sweet and calm, and despite my not being the adult home during the day, I'm the one he's glommed onto and who he sits by the stairs waiting for when I go up them (and occasionally whines, to everyone's chagrin). I am trying to nip this in the bud to some extent by not showing constant attention when I'm home, not coming downstairs while he is fussing, and having my sister feed him in the evening. But he's a smart boy and knows who his mommy is.

What food do you recommend? Jun. 23rd, 2009 @ 11:01 am
Hi all,
Which foods do you recommend for a 3 month old? Currently the breeder has our soon-to-be pup on Pedigree Large Breed (she had been using something "top of the line" but switched the pups over because she figured most people buying them wouldn't want to spend 50 bucks a bag). That said, I would like to gradually switch him to something better (though not necessarily 50 bucks a bag, unless that is far and away the best choice).

Does anyone have recommendations?

(As a side question, if any of you just happen to be the Houston area (west side), do you have a vet recommendation? The breeder is too far away for us to realistically use their vet.)

Thanks in advance!

Training methods May. 28th, 2009 @ 02:12 pm
Hi all, I just joined because I am doing research on the breed to see if it is right for my family and I am interested in your experience with training.

I know people's beliefs on which methods are the best are tantamount to religious discussion and am not really trying to open a huge can of worms but I'm curious as to which methods you all have used for obedience training.

My mother raises and shows other breeds (Samoyeds, English Springers) and has had much success with the Koehler method and has tried to instill in me a disdain for any "treat-based" methods. Her dogs certainly haven't suffered for it, are loving and friendly, not fearful, and are always extremely safe off the leash as a result of using this method. However, my reading suggests that mastiffs "don't do well with harsh / physical negative corrections" so Koehler might not be a good fit. I am certainly not opposed to considering other methods though I do worry about a method that has NO negative reinforcement not being effective if the dog wants something more than the treat they are usually praised with.

Please no flames, this is an honest question on how to balance the mastiff personality with a training method that will help keep it safe even when no treats are forthcoming to reward good behavior.

Thanks in advance.

Meet Brutus Apr. 10th, 2009 @ 02:16 pm
Hi, Im new here and would like to introduce Brutus. Hes 9 weeks old, gassy and happy! lol Any one else here know anything about the tosa breed?
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» This years Valentine...
I'm new to this community and wanted to introduce myself and of course my girl! Her name is Olive and she's a 10 week old red fawn Bullmastiff puppy!
I have been waiting for her for years...I had to wait for the "okay" from my husband! Olive is sweetly stubborn and thinks she's a lap dog. I've only had a lab before her so this breed is totally new to me! :) She is such a wonderful addition to our family. Our daughter is just old enough to realize their is someone new sharing the floor with her! Our cat on the other hand isn't so impressed yet...:P

Anyways! Hi everyone! Looking forward to sharing with you!

» A Couple of Questions
My name's Kayla, and I've never owned a mastiff.

But I would love to add one to my family. I live in a pretty decent sized house and have two dobermans. I love my dobes, however, my fiance and I are thinking of adding to our pack. I wanted a low energy animal, considering the dobes are such high energy, and I love giant breeds, however I've never had one.

I know, it sounds like a bad idea. But, this is not a spur of the moment decision. We will not be buying it for a while, we only just discussed and decided that we wanted to add to our family and decided that a mastiff would work well for our lifestyle.

Since I'm just starting my look into breeders, I was wondering if you all would recommend someone. I understand that adopting would be great, but there are no mastiff adoptions within a couple hundred miles.

Basically what I'm asking for is a little insight. The ins and outs of everything from finding the right responsible breeder to the right food. We had a large puppy diet for the dobes, but I imagine the giant breed would perhaps need something more suited for its size.

Again, this is nothing we rushed into and have discussed this idea for almost a year. We will not be adding to our family for probably six months, or however long it takes to find a responsible breeder. I just want to learn, and be responsible about this. Any advice, any warnings, anything is appreciated.

I don't want to be one of those horrible people who says, "cute puppy!" and then runs to get in way over my head.

Thanks y'all!
» Grrrr.
How can you complain that a dog stinks when it lives 3 floors above you!

» Anyone w/ an older dog?
Last winter we started noticing that Pony was having a bit of stiffness in his legs, his vet said it was the onset of arthritis and he was started on glucosamine supplements, which seemed to help a great deal. Once the weather got warmer he didn't seem to have the problem any more and we took him off of the supplements for the summer, well at the onset of this winter I noticed a large lump on his front leg right above his paw. We took him in and the vet determined he has osteoarthritis. The lump was swelling at the joint.

He was strted back on the supplements and a daily dose of buffed asprin, which has helped, as he is back to wanting to play and run around, however he does still experienc some swelling on occasion, if he sleeps on that leg during the night.

To late to make a long story short, but we have been wrapping the leg to help keep it warm , he has a elevated bed w/ plenty of padding, elevated food & water bowl. We have put him on a diet to try to lower his weight but he was not overweight to begin with just big at 210 pds. Is anyone else having this problem and knows of anything else, besides the shots he can take (they kinda scare me as i have heard bad things, but do not have any personal experience w/ them) that would help?

We knew this would eventally be a problem but we didn't think it'd be an issue at this age, he is only 5 and his condition is only going to get worse. He doesn't seem to be in pain yet just having some swelling :(

A much older picture of Pony is on the user info page, here is a more recent pic.Hopefully the link works I don't remember how to upload one to LJ

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